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SEO Site Evaluation

Need SEO Advice? We Can Help.So, you need some help.  Not a lot, but just a little guidance. 

Perhaps you are a small business owner who knows a thing or two about web design, or HTML, or enough about SEO to be dangerous (more possible than you may realize).   You feel like there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to have an SEO agency or consultant come in and fix your site for you, when you are more than capable of fixing it yourself - IF you only had a little direction as to what needed to be fixed.   Or perhaps your company already has an SEO provider, but you could use a second opinion on what they are doing - just to be sure that what they are doing is correct and that you are making the best use of your time with them.

KaLor Technology offers a complete and comprehensive SEO analysis of your site (or any site, for that matter) for under $500. Yes, for a limited time, you can order an approximately 20 page personalized strategy document outlining everything you can do to improve your site’s rankings, for just $499. We outline EVERYTHING, from the basic to the advanced, prioritized in the order that you should address them, in the most personalized guide to SEO that you could get.


KaLor Technology provided us with a very detailed SEO recommendation document, which was laid out in a very easy to follow manner.  We had our in-house developer start at the top of the list and work his way down until almost everything on the list was checked off.  It wasn’t a week before our rankings started to improve, and within a few weeks, we were number one on everything was went after.  Best decision I ever made.  

-Larry Wade, Wade’s Clothing

And once you get all of that extra traffic to your site by following the SEO recommendations that we give you, and the new visitors still aren’t converting as you had hoped, then perhaps you should also consider a conversion optimization package from KaLor Technology as well.  Or better yet, bundle them both together at the same time and save $100.  

KaLor Technology offers a complete conversion optimization analysis of your site for $399. We will analyze the entire user experience on your site, whether it is an e-commerce site or any other type of site, to help you identify potential usability issues that are likely to prevent customers from completing whatever task it is that you want for them to do on your site (your specific conversion action). This is as thorough of an analysis package as the personalized SEO recommendation document, and it can be purchased individually or in conjunction with the SEO package. Our conversion optimization recommendation analysis typically pays for itself almost immediately once the enhancements are implemented on your site.


KaLor Technology is a true e-commerce strategy company.  They pointed out some things on a few of our e-commerce websites that I never thought were a problem. I was even skeptical to make the changes, but sure enough when we did, our abandoned shopping carts reduced by almost 40%.  We proceeded to make every change recommended, on every one of our sites, and now our sites are doing a record amount of business.

- Deborah Wilson, owner – Deborah Enterprises


You can start the process for your SEO and / or conversion optimization analysis by filling out the information form here, or by clicking the green arrow below.


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