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Working for KaLor

KaLor Technology E-Commerce ExpertsWorking with us for a project is probably a little different than working with other companies.  And that’s because we’ve taken the old, stale method of delivering projects and completly thrown that out the window.

For one thing, we treat our clients and our people as the most important thing.  We would be nothing without either one.  But we know that without the right people working for us, we would not be able to deliver for our clients.  So we take care of our people very well.  We have had some experience at the big brand delivery agencies and firms where the model is squeeze everything you can out of the consultants until they burn out and crash.

First of all, we are a 100% remote organization.  We don’t have office space anywhere.  Heck, our mailing address is a UPS store.  Our formal address is in Central Texas, but only because that is where our founder lives.  Every single person that we work with gets to work from home almost every day.   Homes in Texas, Ohio, California, Florida, Canada, England, Romania, India, Dubai, and more.  For large projects, we typically travel to client sites one week a month, at the end of a sprint (using Agile e-commerce methodology).  Other than that, we’ve found that it is far more productive to use Skype, email, and cell phones to operate.  Our leadership team is often on-site with clients more frequently, as well as business analysts, but the technical delivery team is often more productive, and generally more happy, when working from home.

We aren’t one of those companies who claim to respect a work / life balance while demanding consultants to work long hours and every weekend.  Our company is named after our founder’s daughters, so you can be sure that family matters at KaLor.  Team building is a key contributor to our success as well.  People are more productive if they get along with the people they are working with, and team chemistry is one of the most critical tools that KaLor uses to deliver success to clients.

If you don’t play well with others and want to be friends with the people you work with, you will likely not be someone that works for KaLor.   We also have walked away from lucrative client engagements because the team in place at the client was not a good fit for our chemistry model of partnership and collaboration.

We value our clients and our team, and we want people to be happy with the decisions they have made.  Whether that decision is having chosen KaLor to deliver a project for them, or having decided to work for KaLor, we want you to be happy with the decision.

Success breeds happiness.

KaLor Business Solutions