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SEO Consulting Projects

At KaLor, we pride ourselves on being the very best at SEO.  That being said, we also know that SEO is only one part of making a website effective.  But not all clients want or need the all-in, full service package.  And to truly do it right, it takes plenty of time and money.  We can get a pretty good idea of what a client needs by just taking a quick look at their site.

For many small businesses that want to target a local market in a moderately competitive niche, it’s not going to require anywhere near the same level of investment that an enterprise client, targeting highly competitive keywords on a global market, would require.  So we offer different types of packages for different types of clients.   In addition, because we consider ourselves true business partners, we do offer certain clients a lower price in exchange for a ‘piece of the pie’, so to speak.   We know that what we do will be successful, and if your business model is right, then the work we do for you will pay off many times over.   So of course, we’d love to get involved with a model that rewards us for putting more money in your pocket.  And many clients enjoy that sort of arrangement as well, since they know that our work will be rewarding for both them and us.

We do not offer that type of arrangement to just any client though.  We have to be able to measure the improvement over where your business is today.  We also have to have a bit more control over the work we do, because it won’t matter how great we do if your website has flaws that will prevent sales.  And finally, we have to really believe in your company and its ability to be successful.  We can work with anyone, but we’re not going to be too interested in a revenue share if your business offers poor customer service, an inferior product, or has a flawed business model.


KaLor Technology Pricing Models

We do offer many different types of pricing model, depending on the project and the goals you are trying to meet.   There is sure to be a model that fits your needs and your budget.   While most companies would never share this information, we believe in transparency and not trying to trick you and make you work to learn how we bill for projects.  We’re not the lowest priced company.  But we believe we’re the best.

1.  Project Based Pricing

Project based pricing is just as it sounds.   We define exactly what we’re going to do for you, when it will be done, and we do it…  all for one set, pre-determined price.  You get no more or no less time, and it will cost you no more or no less money.  The $1,000 project is typically straight SEO improvements, cleanup and best practices to improve your rankings.  The price goes up when we’re digging into the full inbound marketing tasks, which include digging into analytics, making business recommendations, improving conversion rate on your site, fixing usability and user experience issues, content generation, or social media work, etc.  Project based pricing could be as low as $1,000, but may vary based on the work that we will be doing for you.  Most projects in this category fit between the $1,000 and $10,000 range.

2.  Monthly Payment Plans

Perhaps you have a set amount available to dedicate to marketing and SEO each month, and prefer to work that way.  Our minimum monthly commitment is $300, which is very bare bones (keeping the lights on, managing your analytics and fixing anything that jumps out as an issue) and typically goes up to between $2,500 and $5,000 per month.   Work is billed at an hourly rate towards that monthly limit, which is $150 / hour but can reduce for clients that commit to more hours per month.  At the $2,500 monthly commitment and above, the hourly rate drops to $125 / hour.  All work is documented and you are given reports of what work is being done and when, as well as monthly site improvement and analytic reports to show you how the work we are doing is generating more business for you.   Let’s see that ad in the Yellow Pages try and do that!



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