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Free Austin Business Consulting

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but what we offer is pretty close to it.  And perhaps we can even get a free lunch out of it.

We’re new here in Austin, Texas, arriving in town in May 2013 and bringing our company with us.  As you may have read on our site, we do quite a bit of business consulting to help companies grow by using our technology skills and experience to combine with our clients’ business acumen and skills.  Together, we make some terrific improvements to companies sales by improving their online presence with a new and improved web site, completely overhaul their web marketing strategy, improve business operations, and we build (and even 100% manage) complete eCommerce systems for them.

We’re like most companies in that we get paid to provide those services, and to be honest, that will always work as an option when working with us.  Like anyone, we enjoy making money for our services.

But one way that we are different is that we view ourselves as a true business partner.  We love to find certain businesses that have a ton of potential, have great people, and really need our help to get to that next level of success.  Those businesses may want to work with us to take advantage of our experience and skills, but many times, money or available budget is the only thing keeping that company from being able to sign a contract and work with us.

But that is ok with us.

We like to partner with these companies to offer our services to them for free – without charging them an hourly rate or a flat project fee or any upfront costs whatsoever.

Depending on the work to be done, and the potential for success, we propose many different types of ways to work out compensation.

We have built an eCommerce site for a small retailer who sold quality clothing in exchange for gift cards to shop at the store and a small percentage of revenue on sales generated from that site.

We’ve handled internet marketing and social media for restaurants in exchange for complimentary meals and drinks.

We’ve built websites for home improvement contractors in exchange for some skilled craftsmanship needed for improvement projects around the home and office.

We’ve built and completely managed eCommerce websites for a variety of businesses, handling 100% of the day to day online business aspect of the business for companies, and have been paid a percentage of each sale generated from the site.

There are really dozens of businesses that can take advantage of this type of proposal.  Retailers, car dealerships, accountants, attorneys, restaurants, home improvement, bars and nightclubs, golf courses… really any type of service provider or product retailer, we’d be interested in discussing this model with you.


Our business partner model does two things:

1. It takes all of the financial risk away from the client, who can benefit from our years of experience and expertise without any upfront investment.

2. It builds a true long term business partnership between your business and mine, because I will not be successful unless you are successful.  You can be sure that you are getting premium service and quality work, without having to worry about how many hours you are being billed.  On my end, this can still be a very lucrative opportunity for me as well, and getting paid for what the work delivers to you is the ultimate thrill for me as a solution provider.

If you are interested, fill out the form to the right of the page, or click here.

We are looking to establish several partners around Austin to work with, though we do have some criteria and rules around the types of businesses that we can work with.


KaLor Business Solutions