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Our Most Neglected Site Gets a Facelift

| September 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

As most small business owners know, your customers are your bread and butter.  It is the same way with us, and as busy as we’ve been for as long as we’ve been, we’ve been guilty of neglecting ourselves quite a bit, specifically our own website.  So, while we announced our new logo at the beginning of the year, we’re just now getting around to releasing the overall new site design.

Some of this was a calculated effort on our part, as there were some very cool features we felt were worth waiting for from the latest WordPress releases.  Most of it, however, was because we have not had much free time to work on our own site, let alone actually publish any content to us since oh, about January.  So this Labor Day weekend, we made a new (fiscal) year’s resolution to try and make time to make this site look much better, and to share more of our e-commerce and SEO knowledge with our friends out there in the world.

So, while the new look and feel is something we are only partially releasing today (the rest, and much better part is still to come), we want this to be more in line with our new approach.  We’ve taken steps to begin hiring a few people during the rest of the year, and we’re looking forward to continuing to position ourselves as an e-commerce industry leader by making our online storefront a much more presentable place for guests to come and learn, more of a learning destination than a brochure.

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