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E-Commerce Management

KaLor Technology is an e-commerce business partner geared toward helping small and medium sized businesses grow and expand their reach via new channels that otherwise may not be available to them because of limited resources.  Our full service e-commerce management services enable merchants and companies to market their products on the national and global market, no longer limited to local and regional audiences.

Many small and medium sized businesses that offer great products and services are limited in their market reach because of a lack of internal skills or financial assets to develop a competitive e-commerce package.  Many of the small business owners that do make the investment to purchase an e-commerce package are often left overwhelmed and frustrated by the complexity and challenges of properly marketing the e-commerce site as well as operating the online aspect of the business.  Most business owners do not know about, nor care about critical aspects of e-commerce management such as search engine optimization, social media, interactive marketing and site analytics.  They typically do not know how to optimize their conversion rates or improve usability on their site to reduce shopping cart abandonment, and the frustration leads to apathy which leads to neglecting or discontinuing the online effort of the business.  Traditional e-commerce companies create a functional site for the business, install and configure it for the client, offer end user training, and then move on to the next client. Consulting firms and digital marketing firms typically provide mixed results and rarely take a personal interest in maximizing the client’s return on their investment. Neither offers true strategic e-commerce business help to the client.

This current void is where KaLor Technology provides tremendous value to the small and medium sized business owner.  With the experience of leading several large e-commerce ventures over the past 14 years, KaLor can offer businesses not only a first rate e-commerce website, but also the strategic knowledge and experience to help make the online venture a success.  KaLor is an official strategic partner of Interspire, offering a version of the powerful and user friendly Interspire shopping cart with a tremendous value-added by KaLor to our own clients, providing additional technical / web support, hosting and implementation services, as well as custom development and design services as many e-commerce firms do.  However, we also provide expert search engine optimization (SEO) and on-going SEO services to the clients as part of the general services contract.

In addition to the full array of technical services provided by KaLor, the true difference making service that is provided is the complete e-commerce management services.  Not only do we build an outstanding e-commerce site for the client, but we will also operate it as if it were our own, if the client would like us to. The client can have as little or as much involvement as they would like, which is clearly spelled out in the contract and subject to change at any point based exclusively on the clients comfort level. During the full site management process, KaLor markets the site by handling all aspects of the interactive marketing and social media phase, including email marketing, search engine optimization and site analytics. We will provide full e-commerce services up to and including email based / online customer service and customer relationship management.  This allow the business owner to remain focused on his or her business, receiving a daily list of orders to fulfill that were submitted via the web, and going about their business without having to worry about any technical aspects of their e-commerce business.

To keep upfront investment costs down and also to assure the business owner that we are a true partner to them in their business, the site management services operate on a low monthly fee plus a percentage of online revenue. Having some “skin in the game” keeps KaLor focused on making the e-commerce site successful, with the client remaining profitable as the percentage of revenue going to KaLor varying between 5% and 25%, depending on the client and the type of business.  The initial e-commerce implementation costs are kept low by KaLor’s low overhead and strategic partnership with Interspire, as most e-commerce implementations would cost between $8,000 and $25,000, billed to the client as an upfront services fee (not inclusive of site management).

Our complete e-commerce management services allow businesses to move online with very little risk involved.  We handle everything, and the client can cancel at any time after a period of as short as three months, so if you learn a little about e-commerce and want to take over the management of the online side, you are more than welcome to do that.

Give us a call today and let us take your business online.  With your established business, great products and outstanding service, you have a lot to gain.

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