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Bitcoin and eCommerce

| December 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

By now, some of you have heard or perhaps have even started collecting a new electronic currency called Bitcoin.  Quite simply, Bitcoin is known as the first decentralized digital currency.  That means it is not governed or managed by any one nation or government.  It is viewed as a truly global currency, and is based on open source software that is considered extremely safe and secure.  One interesting aspect of Bitcoins are the limited number of them out there, and the gradual release of new coins into the market, creating a true currency market that has raised the value of one Bitcoin was around $13 in January 2013, whereas you could have then sold that very same Bitcoin for just over $1200 in December of the same year.  Of course, this is an immature and highly volatile market, and the price of a Bitcoin at the very moment I am writing this article on December 17 is about $732 U.S. dollars.

That being said, there is a tremendous opportunity for eCommerce merchants to get in the Bitcoin game, and do so relatively easily. There is a large market of users who own Bitcoins that are willing to spend them, and many have a bit of disposable income (especially those who bought the Bitcoins in January at that $13/coin price).  Bitcoins are perfectly legal, and are used in many transactions are many reputable online businesses already, and the boom is going to pick up more and more as Bitcoins become even more popular than they are today.

In fact, we accept Bitcoin as payment for our comprehensive eCommerce Site Assessment and Recommendations document.  For the price of only 5 BTC (bitcoins), we will provide you with a thorough document outlining opportunities for improvement and a detailed plan for success to improve any eCommerce business.  This has a value of around $5000 U.S. dollars, so at the current Bitcoin price of $746, this would provide a savings of around $1,300 if you were to buy your Bitcoins right now.  We accept this form of payment because we are essentially banking on the price of Bitcoins to continue to rise, and therefore we would like to collect as many of them as possible.  We are even working on implementing a payment module into some of our true retail eCommerce sites that will allow the customers to pay with fractions of Bitcoins to complete each transaction.

Pay With Bitcoin

So there it is… if you would like to use Bitcoins to pay us, you are more than welcome to do so and they are graciously accepted as payment for services.

For those who would like to buy some Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can buy Bitcoin here.

For site redesign, we recommend using AppThemes to get started, depending on your site.  Let us know and we can design something for you.

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