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IBM WebSphere Commerce SEO

If you are a customer of IBM using virtually any version of WebSphere Commerce, you surely realize the challenges of improving SEO for WebSphere Commerce with your site. Despite the significant investment for companies that purchasing a WebSphere Commerce license, and the additional cost of implementing the package for your site, you likely are seeing dismal organic SEO performance for your eCommerce site in its out of the box form. At a minimum, you are not seeing the benefit of organic site rankings in its most ideal state.

When it comes to improving WebSphere Commerce search engine optimization, one of the biggest issues that you face right out of the box is the terrible URL structure of your site. Any site that has so much clutter in the URL, even with proper category and product page optimization, is losing massive amounts of SEO power simply from the messy URLs alone. In fact, most WebSphere Commerce sites have a home page URL that look something like this: In the eyes of Google and other search engines, this is absolutely atrocious.  We can help you implement a proprietary URL re-writing tool that will let your site use proper URL’s, which will allow your site to be viewed much more favorably by the search engine spiders.

Fortunately for you, KaLor is the only firm in the U.S. dedicated to providing WebSphere Commerce SEO clients with product specific SEO expertise and a powerful WebSphere Commerce SEO plan.

We can take your ugly URL and make it look something like this…    Yes, on an out of the box IBM WebSphere Commerce site.  We’ve done it before, we can do it for you.

We do build entire IBM WebSphere Commerce sites for you, and have managed several implementations of it in the past. We are an official IBM partner and can offer those services to you as a vendor to code your entire IBM WebSphere Commerce site. Or we can supplement your current team to improve the SEO aspects of your site.

We’ve been a part of fixing and improving some major WebSphere Commerce SEO messes, and we are the only company that can make improvements to your site that will result in tens of thousands, if not millions, of marketing dollars with great free, organic search engine results just by cleaning up the mess that is out of the box IBM WebSphere Commerce SEO. We can work hand in hand with your existing IBM partner to instruct them on what they need to do to implement our corrective plan. We will reduce, or even eliminate if you wish, your overall pay-per-click ad spend, and provide more qualified traffic to your site, more leads, and more conversions. We can do this for IBM WebSphere Commerce because SEO is something we do very well, as well as IBM WebSphere Commerce – and together we do it better than anyone else.

If your company has spent $1,000,000, or probably much more, on an IBM WebSphere Commerce site, then you can not afford not to call us. For consultations and products starting as low as $5,000, you get something that will return thousands upon thousands of dollars in revenue to your site by having your site actually play well with Google. After all, great WebSphere Commerce SEO is much more than simply fixing the URL structure of your site.

Give us a call today, and let an official IBM WebSphere Commerce SEO company turn your e-commerce business around completely. You’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

Call us at 512-487-7650 or Click Here to Contact Us via Email – the first step to fixing your WebSphere Commerce search engine rankings.

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